Sext Tips To Get You Started

Sext Tips is all about circumnavigating the vast internet of articles and knowledge. This is a one-stop shop for all sext tips. Have a seat and hold on tight because this is going to blow you away! Okay, not really but it’s pretty cool.

Our Top 10 Sext Tips

Sext Tip #10. Don’t get super aggressive if someone doesn’t respond.

For example, “Whatever you b*tch, apparently i’m not good enough for you, screw you!” No one deserves to be spoken to that way and if she just hasn’t logged on in a while and would have talked to you when she got the message, guess who she’s not talking to now? You. It’s you.

Sext Tip #9. Ladies love a man in boxers.

There’s something about seeing most of you naked and finding out what you’re hiding in your drawers. A chest shot with face included is always a good idea to woo her. Something you may find surprising is that women love arms! So guys, off with the shirt and start flexing those guns!

Sext Tip #8. Use your funny bone.

Seriously though, being able to make her laugh makes you at least 3,000 times more likely to get her in bed. She loves to laugh and who are you to disappoint?

Sext Tip #7. it’s important to touch on the subject of cleanliness when it comes to this specific topic.

Women are probably going to point out the 5 cereal bowls and Mt. St. Laundry. If you send a photo of you in your bedroom before you clean it. Pick it up boys.

Sext Tip #6. Making sure the angle you’re taking photos from is very important.

Don’t send derpy photos. Take the time to make sure you look nice in your photos and you’ll have much easier time getting one on the hook.

Sext Tip #5. Get Clever, boyfriend!

Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. You’re probably not her boyfriend but if that’s a goal of yours you better get in tune with your clever nature. being witty and clever is a pretty important part of getting a girl to fall into your clutches.

Sext Tip #4. If she’s not into it or wants to change the subject, just let her.

It’s not the end of the world. If she wants to talk about slow and sensual and you’re into BDSM, find a common ground and then go off and find someone who is into the same things. It’s all trial and error. You’ll find that one that’s all for the awesome kinks you want to sext about and then there will be magic before and after you meet in person!

Sext Tip #3. Leave some things to the imagination.

If you give them everything you’ve got right out the gate you’ve got nothing left for the grand finale, you know? Start off slow. Always with a photo of your face and cute smile. Work up to showing more of your body as the conversation goes on. Ask the other person if they want to see your ‘no-no’ parts before you send startling photos of an angry purple worm.. I mean Anaconda.

Sext Tip #2. Let them get to know the real you.

Not everything right away of course but gradually pull back to curtain to let them know the real you. It works both ways too, so don’t reveal too much about yourself without receiving the same information. Tell them what you do for a living, some of your hobbies and interests and let them know the real you. The mood will become hotter. It’s easier to let loose when you don’t have reservations about one another. Get to know the other person for who they are. You’re being let in on their deepest darkest fantasies, so it’s only fair.

Sext Tip #1. Call her names.

First great tip is to call her names. I know what you’re thinking, “Why in the world would I call a girl names to try to get her in bed?” I’ll tell you why. Being called names can either break the heart or build it up. Call her beautiful, cute, gorgeous or pretty. Being called hot or sexy is not much of a compliment. Follow the ‘name’ you call her with a specific explanation. “Your eyes are so pretty, Jewel. Thank your mom because she gave you some amazing genes”

Finally, you have it. A 10 part comprehensive list of the best sext tips we or anyone else can give you. If you have a tip to share with us, just shoot us an e-mail and let us know, we’ll add it!