History of Sexting: The Earliest Days

The history of sexting is deeper than most think it is. Many people believe it started with the digital age but that’s just not true. Sexting was previously called many things and came in other forms. It dates back at least to the time of hieroglyphics and has maintained popularity through the ages. Sexting certainly has become easier with the invention of cell phones and mobile texting, which is where the word “sexting” comes from. Sex + texting.

Let’s start with ancient times, hieroglyphics depicted sexual acts so it’s pretty safe to say that people have always been pretty sexually in tune and rightfully so. It is natural, feels good and relieves stress. Humans have always had sex for pleasure and that certainly has not changed through time. It is obvious that we live in a time where casual sex is prevalent and to a degree, accepted.

History of Sexting: The Polaroid Camera

Next let’s take a look at the invention of the Polaroid instant camera. It was a popular camera that spit out the picture right after the photo was taken. Our parents and grandparents probably have a few hidden ‘nudes’ on Polaroid film. As cringe-worthy as that is to think of, everyone in the ’80s and ’90s over the age of 20 took some naughty photos with that camera. You know you did!

History of Sexting: Cellular Phones and Mobile Technology

In the year 2000 they came out with the first camera phone and things really took a turn. All of a sudden you could take photos and keep them in your pocket on the same device you made calls with and people were in love. Text messaging was widely used by around 2006. This is when things really took off and people were able to send naked photos with just the click of a button. a nude photo here, a naughty message there, it’s all fun and games until it gets leaked, right?

2004 is when the term “Sext Messaging” was coined in a Canadian newspaper article. That is the first instance of that exact term being used that we’re aware of. Since that time sexting has become a

Before cell phones and instant messaging we had a few different ways of sharing our naughty messages and images. We already mentioned Polaroid instant photos. Another way to swap sex messages was via VHS tapes through the mail. People would video record themselves doing dirty things and then send it through the mail to whoever they were intended for, hoping like hell they made their way to the right place. If not, burn the world down because someone somewhere is watching that video. You had to trust the postal service in those days.

History of Sexting: The Next Chapter

The next chapter of the history of sexting remains to be written. Today, there are websites such as SextMessage.com and SweetSext.com that cater specifically to adults who want to exchange naughty photos and messages either online or via mobile devices. Sexting is wildly popular and is not likely to go away anytime soon. We believe that is exquisitely wonderful!