Sext to Turn Him On

Tips for Sexting Men

Sext to turn him on if you want passion from a guy. Wanna learn all the sexts that will turn a man on? We’re about to lay it out for you. Let’s begin with a well-known fact: men are visual creatures and respond best to visual aids. So the best way to turn him on is with photos but what can you do to really hook him in and keep him talking to you for a while?

Teasing to Turn Him on

Tease him and keep him on the edge of his seat. That’s going to be the biggest contribution to your contact with him and your continued orgasms. With one tip down, we’re ready to start the rest of our tips so hold on to your panties ladies ’cause we’re going to teach you how to bump ‘n grind through text.

Be sexy with words in your sexts

Words are going to be number two in your arsenal for getting him hooked on you. Become a drug for him. Make your words stick in his veins before you start sending him your naughty photos. “I wanna fuck you” is not going to be nearly as enticing as, “I want you to bend me over and ram in and out of me until I scream and can’t take anymore.” Put details in every sentence you send.

Don’t let him cum without you

This is pretty simple. Sext to turn him on but don’t let him get off without you! Tell him that at the end of it all you want to send photos of a video chat with him while you cum together. Keep him guessing as to when you’re about to cum. Let him in on all the details of what you’re doing to yourself. Refuse to send photos at this point and continue your sexy talk with more intense details about whatever kink you want to fantasize about.

Send the Sexy Photos!

At some point you’ve got to send the photos you’ve been promising him. Start off really G rated. Send a few face shots and slowly start taking off your clothes and sending him your progress. This is going to regain his attention if it’s been semi-lost through the strictly talking aspect. Either way, if he has or hasn’t lost interest, this is going to really catch his attention. Make sure he trades you pictures though, don’t let it be a one-way street!

Video call, send pics of climax

This is the time. This is what you’ve both been waiting for and it’s going to be absolutely amazing for you both. Make sure if you video call each other you continue the sexy talking and tell him what you’re doing to make yourself orgasm. Show him what you’re doing and give him a few pointers as to what feels good for you. Maybe put a little bit of a show on and slide your fingers in and out regardless of whether or not you actually get off from that. Again, the visual aid is what is going to get him off and if that’s your goal, following these 4 tips will help you out immensely.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on how to sext to turn him on. Now it’s time to get busy building his passion!