Take Hot Selfies for Sext Messaging

Taking super hot selfies. This is a topic that everyone is always interested in. Some of us just don’t have the gift of amazing photography but we all possess the power to take amazing selfies! We will share a simple trick to hot selfies. By the end of this article, you’ll be a pro at taking the hottest selfies on the inter-webs.

I’m going to start off with the phone camera and the abilities you have with that. There are a lot of options on most phones nowadays that help with editing photos you take and making selfies a lot easier. For instance, the forward-facing camera. After that was developed they added a timer for selfies so you can set the phone up and walk away to pose. They also come with a stock editing program that you can use to add filters or crop your photos as needed. Accidentally got your cum covered sock in the background? No biggie, guy! Just crop that baby out and you’re golden.

Forward Facing Camera

Let’s start with the forward-facing camera. This is a wonderful creating brought to us by whatever higher power you believe in alongside tech developers to make taking photos of yourself much easier. We appreciate both the deity and techies who gave us this gift. The forward-facing camera allows you to see the exact photo you’re taking so you can move around as you need to make sure you’re getting the best shot possible.

Think about angles too because if you hold the camera lower than your face you’re going to have multiple chins and probably boogers in your nose all for the world to see. Making sure of the angle you’re taking photos from is very important. Don’t send derpy photos. Take the time to make sure you look nice in your photos and you’ll have much easier time getting one on the hook.

Selfie Timer

The selfie timer is probably the next best thing to the forward-facing camera. You can turn on your forward-facing camera and set a 10-second timer and take full-body photos. Pose however you would like and wait for the camera to shutter. Review the photos and you’ve got yourself a great selfie. A word of advice though: Use something like a tall dresser to take the photos if you’re planning on stepping more than about 5 feet away because you become smaller.

I think it’s important to touch on the subject of cleanliness when it comes to this specific topic. Women are probably going to point out the 5 cereal bowls and mountain of laundry in the background. If you send a photo of you in your bedroom before you clean it. Pick it up boys.

Photo Editor

This is another gift from the tech gods. Most phones come with a stock editing program. You can use this editing program to add filters, crop images and insert text or drawings onto the photo. If you and your lady friend are talking about sensual orgasms and you send her a nice portrait of your glistening abs and junk bulging out of your boxer briefs, try this. Slap a black and white filter on it. Might as well call it a night ’cause just came.

We hope you enjoyed our tips to take hot selfies. Now get out that camera and start snapping and sexting!