Sext To Turn Her On

Sexting Tips To Build Passion!

Do you know how to sext to turn her on? You might think you already have the answer to this one but you may be surprised. We’ve gone over this topic time and time again but we really can’t stress this enough, don’t be too forward. Don’t start off a conversation with a new girl by sending her a photo of your twig and berries. Your balls are not as pretty as you may imagine.

Women have a real appreciation for men who take the time to really promote their actual looks. Their beautiful hair or straight teeth. If you really want to sext to turn her on this should help a bit. Women enjoy the photos that are sent that have cute little words on them. A little kissy-face will suffice. Words like, “Hey sexy girl” can come off as too forward. Try something like, “Wow, your eyes are so beautiful” Instead of telling her she’s sexy, tell her what is sexy about her and for the love of god, choose a word other than “sexy” or “hot”. For example, “You have beautiful inviting lips.”

Captivate Her Attention

There’s something about a man who really knows what to say to a woman that will captivate them. They love hearing the specific little things that really make you notice them. It makes them feel flattered and wanted instead of creeped out and anxious. Being a sweet talker can really help you in your endeavors. If you’re not exactly a professional sweet talker, we are here to help you out.

For those of you who need a little help figuring out what to say to women to really capture their attention, we’ve put together a bit of guidance to help you through this and up your chances of getting laid through sexting. Sexting is a great starting point to getting laid for the shy guy. Here are 5 helpful tips, stud.

Sext To Turn Her On – 5 Tips

Sext Tip #1.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again. Don’t start out with the every so trashy dick pic. Your ‘manliness’ can be portrayed in other ways like how much you love your dog.

Sext Tip #2.

Use your funny bone. Seriously though, being able to make her laugh makes you at least 3,000 times more likely to get her in bed. She loves to laugh and who are you to disappoint?

Sext Tip #3.

Call her names. I know what you’re thinking, “Why in the world would I call a girl names to try to get her in bed?” I’ll tell you why. Being called names can either break the heart or build it up. Call her beautiful, cute, gorgeous or pretty. Being called hot or sexy is not much of a compliment. Follow the ‘name’ you call her with a specific explanation. “You’re eyes are so pretty, Jewel. Thank your mom because she gave you some amazing genes”

Sext Tip #4

Get Clever, boyfriend! Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. You’re probably not her boyfriend but if that’s a goal of yours you better get in tune with your clever nature. being witty and clever is a pretty important part of getting a girl to fall into your clutches

Sext Tip #5.

Once you’ve got it all figured out and she’s yours for the taking, start getting more into your sexual desires. Don’t push her too hard too fast though. She could still slip away from you. Start off slow with your more subtle fantasies and start going for gold later on when they’re obviously still into you even after they’ve learned of your quirky sexual habits. This is the time to start sending your beloved dick pics. She’ll probably ask for them once you’ve wooed her with your witty charm.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our sext to turn her on tips. Now, it’s time to build her passion!